Synopsis : Writer Madhuri Ashirgade is telling story about Ishwaree. Once writer saw Ishwaree with her two daughters, one is holding in her hand named Sana & another was in her arm named Shikha. Ishwaree was willing to have only one daughter. Then why she has another daughter also, writer has this question. Writer came to know another daughter legaly adopted by Ishwaree after death of her beloved maid Hansa. This short film Yashoda is story of Essence of humanity and celebrating motherhood.

Director : Praveen Chougule
Producer : Rashmi Narse
Screenplay : Madhuri Ashirgade, Praveen Chougule
DOP : Rupesh Shewale
Editor : Vinod Raje
Cast : Raavi Kishor, Sobita Kuratarkar, Prakash Navalkar, Tejas Kolvekar, Kishor Goankar, Chetana Naik,, Ankita Sawant,Neha Choksy, Shripad Prabhudesai, Manik Mantri - Ajgoankar, Aasawari Deshpande, Vijaya Dahiwal, Radhika Choksy

Praveen Chougule

He is an an Energetic and Dynamic person. Alumni are of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. Praveen has been working in the film industry since 20 years. In 2010-11 he directed his first feature film “Ishwaree”. And in 2017, he directed ‘Bahinaee’ a TV serial on Poetess Bahinabai Choudhary’s life. He is one of the very few fortunate students to get trained in photography by the India’s first photographer Dr. G. M. Kanetkar. He has won more than 20 accolades in Government Photography Competition in various fields. Praveen an excellent dancer and actor have been teaching this trade to various college and institutions.


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