The Witness

The Witness

Synopsis : Set during the rains in Goa, this psychological drama tells us how truth finds its way out when the septuagenarian Joaquim revisits his past and is forced to reveal a secret. In the end, the audience is left wondering if this revelation will alter his relationship.

Director : Troy Ribeiro
Producer : Mini Ribeiro
Screenplay : Troy Ribeiro
DOP : Lovekesh Wij
Editor : Menny
Cast : Rajendra Gupta, Susmita Mukherjee, Shamin Pereira, Kewal Narendra Naik, Maria Liberata Mendonca, Joster Dsouza, David Pereira, Avercio Brigido Pereira, Dillion D’souza, Melrick Dias, Lenny Thapa, Nobert Silveira, Nazareth Lobo, Mercy Silveira, Juliana Ba

Troy Ribeiro

Troy Ribeiro is an alumnus of Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, with nearly 34 years of work experience in different areas of Mass Communication. Over the years, he has written and doctored several film scripts, reviewed English, Hindi and Regional language films and has written for many publications across India, UAE and UK. As an Executive Producer, he has produced many TV Programmes. For theatre, he has written and directed plays which were staged at various venues in Mumbai including the Kala Ghoda Festival. ‘Samina’ is his first novel published in 2020 and with ‘The Witness,’ he forays into filmmaking.


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