#MOG (Duration includes 15' Q&A session)

#MOG  (Duration includes 15' Q&A session)

Synopsis : Lionel, an NRI Chef has to rush back to beautiful Goa to take care of property matters on hearing of the death of his estranged father who he holds mentally responsible for the death of his mother. He least expects to fall in love and that’s exactly what happens when he meets a vibrant, bubbly spitfire Celina, who handles her dad’s bread delivery business. Celina and her sister are raised by their dad – Anthony, after losing their mum at an early age. Love finally blooms between Celina and Lionel, but Celina’s dad holds a deep dark secret about her. Though coaxed by his relative and closest friends to reveal the secret to Celina, he hesitates.The truth shatters Celina and when she does come to know, she breaks up with Lionel. Will love find a way to their hearts or will Lionel forgo everything and head back to Canada?

Director : Shri Nilesh Malkar
Producer : Deepak Anant Bandekar
Screenplay : Nilesh Malkar
DOP : Shingini Paul
Editor : Rajkumari & Jojo D'Souza
Cast : Bharath Niwas, Nakshatra Medhekar Manoj Joshi, Salil Naik, Nikhil Dhadve, Zenelyn Afonso, Varsha Usgaonkar, Prince Jacob, John Aguiar Alfwold Silveira, Antonet Desouza, Ovi Sawant, Yasha Kamat Wagh, Goretti Liby Mendonca, Devrishi Malhotra, Spirit Fernand

Nilesh Malkar

He Started with theatre and went on to Produce and direct commercial Marathi plays. He ventured into documentary and advertising films and was with Balaji Telefilms as Creative Director on tele-shows. He has been awarded and felicitated for his outstanding contribution to various forms of media, films, theatre and related arts. He has a keen eye for spotting talent and is deeply involved in films in the Indian Film Industry.
He is passionate about writing, directing and bringing real stories to life on the silver screen. He has written and directed a number of critically acclaimed feature films over the past 15 years including Soul Curry with Jackie Shroff, Kevin D’Mello and Sonam Morajkar and Kantaar with Ester Noronha .


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