Synopsis : A woman goes back to her birthplace after a long time, however, she’s just like a stranger in the family, specially her son. She’s fighting to prove her motherhood, however, she’s always considered as a shrew and rebellious woman!

Director : Shahrareh Soroosh
Producer : Amir-Hossein Saghafi
Screenplay : Shahrareh Soroosh
DOP : Gelareh Kiazand
Editor : Ashkan Mehri
Cast : Elham Korda , Roya Nonahali Payam Ahmadi Bahram Ebrahimi , Mohammad-Hossein Hosseini

Shahrareh Soroosh

Shahrareh Soroosh ((b:1983, Tehran) ) graduated in Set & Costume Design from Azar University’s Faculty of Art & Architecture. She’s been the set & costume designer of 5 feature films and has won several awards in her career. WILD is her debut feature film.


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