When Fucking Spring Is In The Air

When Fucking Spring Is In The Air

Synopsis : When Fucking Spring is in the Air is a punky feel-good roadmovie about the 17 year old, rude, Polish Kasia and her worthless family. When her grandmother dies and Kasia appears to be totally broke, it’s time to find the true story and the money of her emigrated parents. She goes on the inevitable ‘coming-of-age’ journey and discovers that her family is not like she expected.

Director : Danyael Sugawara
Producer : Trent
Screenplay : Danyael Sugawara · Heleen Suèr
DOP : Adam Palenta
Editor : Maciej Pawlinski
Cast : Ada Szczepaniak, Nadine Ignas, Cezary Lukaszewicz, Juli Kijowska, Stanislaw Linowski, Guido Pollemans

Danyael Sugawara

Danyael Sugawara studied at the New York University before coming to the Film Academy in Amsterdam where he was accepted for the department direction in Fiction. Danyael has worked on may different NFTA productions together with well-known actors as Nelly Frijda, Liesbeth Kamerling and Sijtze van der Meer. At the moment, Danyael is working as 'young talent' in the ad agency Artcore and has won the VCP-Kodak Student Award together with Sinister - the Package.


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