The Invisible Steps Through Latin America / Los Pasos Invisibles Por Latinoamerica

The Invisible Steps Through Latin America

Synopsis : The documentary explores the issue of migration, through the stories of eight immigrant characters from Latin America and the Caribbean, who narrate their experiences and the reasons that prompted them to leave their countries of origin, whether for reasons of social risk, employment , education, freedom and even persecution, kidnapping and political torture, and settle in Costa Rica to seek better opportunities.

Director : Johnny Mauricio González Zuñiga
Producer : Rebeca Babb Valverde, Johnny Mauricio González Zuñiga
Screenplay : Johnny Mauricio González Zuñiga
Cast : Irene Olazo Marine, Marvinia Jimenez Marquez, Anchelo Cherine, Carelia Diaz Montilla, Yanira Mendez Rivera Jorge Felix Morejon Sanchez, Asael Guevara Rivera, Blass Lopez

Johnny Mauricio González Zuñiga

Director, curator and historian of the Filmoteca Cine Arte Costa Rica, Director and founder of the Cine para Todos Program, Director of the Historical Short Film Costarrisence 65 años de Elvira, Director of the Filmoteca Short Film Festival, Curator of the BOWO Short Film Festival, has collaborated with the United States Embassy in Costa Rica, Peace Corps, International Bureau of Counternarcotics and Law Enforcement Assistance (INL), University of Costa Rica (UCR), National University of Costa Rica (UNA), Veritas University, Inter-American University (UIA) , European Union, United Nations, Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress,


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