Sometimes I Think About Dying

Sometimes I Think About Dying

Synopsis : Fran likes to think about dying. It brings sensation to her quiet life. When she makes the new guy at work laugh, it leads to more: a date, a slice of pie, a conversation, a spark. The only thing standing in their way is Fran herself.

Festival History : "Sundance Film Festival, 2023 "

Director : Rachel Lambert
Producer : Alex Saks, Lauren Beveridge,Brett Beveridge, Dori Rath, Daisy Ridley
Screenplay : Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Kevin Armento, Katy Wright-Mead
DOP : Dustin Lane
Editor : Ryan Kendrick
Cast : Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena, Marcia DeBonis, Meg Stalter

Rachel Lambert

Writer-director Rachel Lambert’s debut feature, In the Radiant City, premiered to rave reviews at Toronto 2016. She completed her BFA from Boston University, then studied at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

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