Synopsis : Lela, a NYC teacher en route to Armenia, embarks on a Turkey road trip. In the East, she forges connections and bonds, particularly with Yusuf, a guesthouse manager. With limited time, they explore Rainbow Hills and visit Yusuf's uncle, emphasizing the impending goodbye.

Festival History : Tribeca Film Festival Tribeca, 2023

Director : Malik Isasis, Esra Saydam
Producer : Eda Çarıkçı, Esra Saydam & Malik Isasis
Screenplay : Malik Isasis & Esra Saydam
DOP : Junior Gung
Editor : Malik Isasis
Cast : Iman Artwell-Freeman, Eren Alici, Gülsüm Ölgen, Ziya Sudançikmaz

Esra Saydam

A native of Turkey, Esra Saydam received her Masters from Columbia University’s Graduate Film Program. Her first feature, Across the Sea (2014), won a Special Mention at the Slamdance Film Festival. Öte is her second feature.

Malik Isasis

Malik Isasis is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who focuses on social realism and whose work includes New York Decalogue (2011), The Elegant Clockwork of the Universe (2013), The Metamorphosis of Ismaila Ba (2020), and Bitter Sugar (2021).

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