Mighty Afrin: In The Time Of Floods

Mighty Afrin: In The Time Of Floods

Synopsis : In the disappearing islands along the Brahmaputra river, orphan Afrin faces the ravages of floods in a coming-of-age tale. Director Angelos Rallis captures her resilience as she seeks her estranged father amidst climate crisis, joining the ranks of new refugees, merging dreams with reality.

Festival History : "Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival, 2023 "

Director : Angelos Rallis
Producer : Maria del Mar Rodriguez, Angelos Rallis
Screenplay : Angelos Rallis
DOP : Angelos Rallis
Editor : Nadia Ben Rachid, Angelos Rallis

Angelos Rallis

Angelos Rallis started his career in TV and theatre in Greece before moving to Sweden and the UK to complete his graduate and post-graduate studies in Film, Anthropology and Photography. In 2006 he became an elected member of the International Federation of Journalists (UK). His early work in video and photography has been published in international newspapers such as Ethnos and The Guardian and has been used by press agencies and NGOs around the world. Angelos has also worked as a director for the Greek National Television (ERT).


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