Franky Five Star

Synopsis : Franky, consumed by inner turmoil, avoids love. Only her friend Katja knows her mood swings. Secretly, Franky's mind hosts a quirky hotel with four characters who can possess her. When she falls for Katja's boyfriend, chaos ensues. This love-comedy explores self-discovery and identity through eccentric characters.

Festival History : "Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken 2023 Filmfest Bremen, 2023"

Director : Birgit Möller
Producer : Jamila Wenske & Knut Mierswe
Screenplay : Birgit Möller
DOP : JP Passi
Editor : Anna Kappelmann
Cast : Lena Urzendowsky, Cino Cjavid, Meryem Ebru Öz, Paul Potsch, Cecilio Andresen, Gerti Drassi, Sven Honig, Sophie Killer, Milena Dreissig, jarkko Lanti, Sarah Hannemann, Christian Neuhof

Birgit Möller

Brigit Moller was born in 1972. She studied at the DFFB Berlin. She worked as cinematographer in many shorts and feature films, a.o “Die Boxerin” (About a Girl) and Tangerine. Since 2004 she directs commercials for TV and cinema . In 2006 she graduated with the feature fiction film “Valerie”. She is an alumna of Villa Aurora, L.A (2008) and Binger’s Director’s Lab (2011). “Franky Five Star” is her second feature film.

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