Children Of God

Children Of God

Synopsis : Heart of Uganda. Mulajje, a town surrounded by jungle, receives the visit of some foreigners from European and Asian distant countries. The town community is exposed to the dangers of AIDS, malaria and poverty. The documentary explores the brotherhood between human beings, among any race, gender or social class differences.

Director : Joan Girbau Xalabarder
Screenplay : Joan Girbau Xalabarder
DOP : Joan Girbau Xalabarder
Editor : Joan Girbau Xalabarder
Cast : Narrator: Mapendo Munthali

Joan Girbau Xalabarder

Born in 1991, in Spain. From an early age, Joan showed a deep interest in arts. Joan has worked as Director and Cinematographer in a wide variety of projects, from corporate videos and commercials for Mango, Massimo Dutti or local businesses to independent documentaries and short films. He has worked in international projects that have been shot in Spain, Uganda, Greece, France and USA.


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