Synopsis : After their mother's death, a young woman and her two brothers return to their childhood home. A place of pain and trauma. Estranged siblings for years, they must face each other and their past. As they attempt to sell the house, they realize that their parents' personal demons have come back to haunt them.

Director : Javier Solórzano Casarin
Producer : Daniela Leyva Becerra Acosta, Andrea Toca
Screenplay : Javier Solórzano Casarin
DOP : Miguel de la Cruz
Editor : Roque Azcuaga
Cast : Ana Clara Castañón, Mikael Lacko, Mario Corona, Luis Fernando Zárate, Sandra Zellweger, Marisol del Olmo, Daniel Martínez

Javier Solórzano Casarin

Javier graduated in Film and Video at Columbia College, Chicago. His debut feature Elvira premiered at Morelia (Mexico) 2009. Ti Muxe (2013) was the Best Documentary Short at Toronto International Film and Video Awards, and played in Lucerne and Oaxaca IFFs. Between Us, a B&W short thriller written and directed by Javier, played in Austin 2017.

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