Shyamchi Aai

Shyamchi Aai

Synopsis : Inspired by the childhood memoirs of Sane Guruji, the moving melodrama explores the influential relationship between a young boy (Madhav Vaze) and his mother (Vanamala) belonging to an impoverished household located in the Konkan stretch during the years of India’s freedom movement against British rule. Through flashbacks narrated by Sane Guruji (Damuanna Joshi), the film explores the profound influence of the mother’s lived experiences and idealist philosophies on Shyam’s childhood and, eventually, their lasting impact on his life as a young man. The film won the President’s Gold Medal for the Best Indian Feature Film at the first edition of the National Film Awards in 1954.

Awards : "Best Indian Feature Film - President’s Gold Medal , National Film Awards 1954 "

Director : P.K. Atre
Screenplay : P. K. Atre, Sane Guruji
DOP : R. M. Rele
Cast : Vanamala, Madhav Vaze, Shankar Kulkarni, Umesh, Baburao Pendharkar, Sumati Gupte, Saraswati Bodas, Vasant Bapat, Prabodhankar Thakre, Damuanna Joshi, Nagesh Joshi, Bapurao Mane, Pandurang Joshi, Vimal Ghaisas, Vasundhara Paudwal, Balwant Parchure, Sadanan

P.K. Atre

P. K. Atre (1898 - 1969), popularly known as Acharya Atre, was an influential writer, playwright, journalist, scenarist, filmmaker and producer whose influence extended across literary, political and film circles in the country. A prolific writer of short stories, plays, poems and essays that traversed genres from comedy and thrillers to social reform and political satire, his works were adapted into films such as Brahmachari (1938) and Brandichi Batli (1939). As a founder of the film studio Atre Pictures, he produced and directed several films in Hindi and Marathi including Parinde (1945), Hi Majhi Lakshmi (1951) and Mahatma Phule (1954).


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