Synopsis : Islanders are going to sell four horseshoe crabs that a fisherman caught that have very precious value, but a girl decides to save the animals from being sold. This makes her family the target of people’s anger. The Islanders decide to expel them from the island, and now Shafa must choose between the welfare of her family or the lives of the crabs.

Director : Alireza Mohammadi Rouzbahany
Producer : Iraj Mohammadi
Screenplay : Mohsen Farajollahi, Leyla Nikzad
DOP : Mojtaba Shadrou
Editor : Manouchehr Sanei
Cast : Hadis Abolsedghi, Taha Behrouzour, Zohreh Eslami, Behshad Sharifian, Omid Zeinalzadeh

Alireza Mohammadi Rouzbahany

Ali Reza Mohammadi Rouzbahani, Born on 20.09.1980, at Tehran. Having B.A in the field of Directing from the University of Art & Culture. He started his career with television series in the assistant director position and continued on as production director. He has started film making as a writer and director of the short film “Rotten” in 2019, and then directed the “Zugzwang” in 2020.


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