Synopsis : In "LUTO," cinematographer Andres Arochi's directorial debut, documentary and fiction blend seamlessly to explore how people grapple with death and grief in Mexico. Arochi's visual artistry creates a captivating backdrop, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, and delivering a mesmerizing narrative that resonates deeply with the audience.

Director : Andrés Arochi Tinajero
Producer : Santiago Tron & Andres Arochi Tinajero
Screenplay : Andres Arochi Tinajero & Gonzalo Romero
DOP : Andrés Arochi Tinajero & Galo Olivares
Editor : Didac Palou, Sergio Beltrán-García & Andres Arochi Tinajero
Cast : Rodrigo Azuela, Daniella Valdez

Andres Arochi Tinajero

Born in Mexico City, Andrés Arochi Tinajero's debut feature film, Luto, represents the artistic culmination of this remarkable journey, characterised by his signature pace and perspectives, resulting in a powerful audiovisual language. Arochi’s career has encompassed a wide range of projects and collaborations, including music videos for renowned artists such as Harry Styles, Lykke Li, FKJ, Major Lazer, DJ Shadow, RYX, Alessandro Cortini and J Balvin among others.


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