The Trial / Trial

Synopsis : In 1985 Buenos Aires, the trial of Argentina's Military Juntas unfolds, accused of heinous crimes. The proceedings, akin to Nuremberg, are meticulously recorded on U-matic tapes. Over 90 days, harrowing testimonies and a verdict, "Never Again," emerge, unveiling the horrors, defenders, and the victims' voices, crafting an archival testament to a painful past.

Festival History : Berlinale, 2023

Director : Ulises De La Orden
Producer : Ulises de la Orden
Screenplay : Ulises de la Orden
DOP : Pablo Parra
Editor : Alberto Ponce

Ulises de la Orden

Ulises de la Orden started his career in film in 1991, as an occasional actor in short films , and running cables for slightly larger productions, music videos and ads.. Since 1998, with his production company, Polo Sur Cine, he has been doing his own projects, which have taken him to diverse places . Always seeking to tell the stories that touch his heart, in connection with the environment, indigenous peoples and the most pressing social and political issues.

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