3 Little Kungpoo Goats

3 Little Kungpoo Goats

Synopsis : There is a fragile ceasefire between Predators and preys which has been protected by the anonymous Ninja Warrior named "RED SHADOW." One day the wolf who is exhausted by vegetarian recipes decided to find a legal detour to hunt some little goats without breaking the truce and the red shadow reaction. But he doesn't know that these little goats are the student of the Martial school that trains self-defense to little animals by flourish in the inner Talent.

Festival History : 14th Cairo International Animation Forum- Egypt 2023

Director : Kianoosh Dalvand, Farzad Dalvand
Producer : Dariush Dalvand
Screenplay : Kianoush Dalvand- Bahram Heidari- Eliza Ip
Editor : Hamid Najafirad
Cast : Casting & Voice Over Director: Mehrdad Raissi

Kianoush Dalvand

Iranian director Kianoosh Dalvand (b:1969; Khorramabad), launched his career in 1997. He is known for Battle of the Kings: Rostam & Sohrab (2012), The Gools (2022), and The Last Messenger (2007).

Farzad Dalvand

Cinematographer & Art Director, Farzad Dalvand is known for The Gools (2022) and Battle of the Kings: Rostam & Sohrab (2012).

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