Sirocco And The Kingdom Of The Winds / Sirocco Et Le Royaume Des Courants D'Air

Sirocco And The Kingdom Of The Winds

Synopsis : Juliette and Carmen, two audacious sisters discovering a passage to the universe of their favourite book: "The Kingdom of the Winds" where they will be transformed and trapped.

Festival History : Annecy, 2023

Awards : Cristal Nominee, Annecy 2023 Audience Award(Best Feature), Annecy 2023

Director : Benoît Chieux
Producer : Ron Dyens, Gregory Zalcman
Screenplay : Benoît Chieux, Alain Gagnol
Cast : Aurélie Konaté, Maryne Bertieaux, Pierre Lognay

Benoît Chieux

Benoît Chieux is the author of the graphic creation of My Little Planet (1995), graphic designer and screenwriter of L'Enfant au grelot (Stuttgart Award 1997, Cartoon d'or 1998). In 2004, he became the author of the Mica series (Ricochets Productions). He is known for Mia and the Migoo (2008), Aunt Hilda! (2013) and Le Jardin de Minuit (2016).
In 2014 he made his first short film Tigres à la queue leu leu, (Jury Prize and Audience Award of the children's film SICAF 2015). His last short film, Midnight’s garden, was nominated to the Cesar awards 2016.

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