Synopsis : Animated version of the famous epic tale by János Arany published in 1846. Miklós Toldi, an impulsive stripling, commits a careless murder and is forced to go into hiding. He sets out for Buda to dazzle the king with his courage and daring, and he earns both the ruler’s mercy and a knighthood. The full-length animated feature follows Toldi on a journey full of adventures and intrigue between brothers, until young Toldi finally faces the great test, when he wins the recognition he has so long craved before the king.

Festival History : Annecy, 2023

Director : Marcell Jankovics
Producer : Ferenc Mikulás
Screenplay : Marcell Jankovics
DOP : László Wimmer
Editor : Marianna Jónás
Cast : Voice: Tamás Széles

Marcell Jankovics

Marcell Jankovics (1941-2021) worked at Hungary’s largest animation studio, Pannonia in Budapest (1960-2007). He directed Hungary’s first animated feature, Johnny Corncob (1973). A writer, art historian, illustrator, and university professor, he co-founded Duna Television. He received the Balázs Béla Prize 1974, Kossuth Prize 1978, Artist of Merit 1984, and Prima Primissima award 2007.
Sisyphus was nominated for the Academy Award 1975. Fight was the Best Short Film at Cannes 1977. Son of the White Mare was declared One of the Best Animation Ever Made at Los Angeles Animation Olympiad 1984. He was President, National Cultural Fund (1998–2000; 2010-2011).

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