Sleep / Jam

Synopsis : A pregnant wife who becomes worried about her husband's sleeping habits. What starts out as some light sleep-talking soon escalates to unexpectedly grotesque behaviour. They consult a sleep clinic without success and as his nightmarish behaviour escalates, they desperately seek help from a shaman.

Festival History : Cannes (Critics' Week), 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, 2023 Melbourne International Film Festival 2023

Director : Jason Yu
Producer : Lewis Taewan Kim
Screenplay : Jason Yu
DOP : Kim Tae-soo
Editor : Han Meeyeon
Cast : Lee Seon-Gyun, Yu-Mi Jung

Jason Yu

Jason Yu began cultivating an interest in storytelling when he stumbled upon a creative writing class at university. He consumed countless films during his years in the military, further solidifying his love for the craft. Upon discharge, he joined the university's filmmaking club, where he studied directors and created his own short films. After graduating, he worked on film sets and continued to direct his own films. His short film The Favor won awards at numerous film festivals in Korea.


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