Baruar Xongxar

Baruar Xongxar

Synopsis : On the eastern side of Guwahati’s historic Latasil playground stands an iconic Assamese house that completes a century of existence in 2023. Constructed by engineer Chandranath Barua, this house has been home to some of Assam’s most famous icons, such as filmmaker-actor-musician Brajen Barua, filmmaker-footballer-flautist-painter Nip Barua, singer-turned-composer Ramen Barua, filmmaker Dibon Barua, cricketer-turned-singer Dwipen Barua, cricketer-pilot-entrepreneur-politician Girin Barua and radio broadcaster Niren Barua. The Baruas are surely the only family in Assam, and perhaps in the entire India, that have produced so many noted personalities in fields as diverse as cinema, music, sports and politics. This is the story of ‘The House of Baruas’, reconstructed through memories, archival film clips and photographs. A house that is now facing an uncertain future.

Director : Utpal Borpujari
Producer : Surjya, Jamini Phukan Productions
Screenplay : Utpal Borpujari
DOP : Rituraj Shivam
Editor : Jhulan Krishna Mahanta

Utpal Borpujari

Utpal Borpujari is an award-winning journalist and film critic-turned-filmmaker. He is known for his award-winning films that have travelled to prestigious film festivals like his feature film ‘Ishu’, short fiction film ‘Xogun’ and documentaries like ‘Mask Art of Majuli’, ‘Memories of a Forgotten War’, ‘Songs of the Blue Hills’ and ‘Mayong: Myth/Reality.


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