Synopsis : In the bustling city of Mumbai where life never stops, a couple decide to end their life, becoming India’s first couple to appeal for Euthanasia. Living together for over 53 years in a tiny space, in a 100-year-old Chawl, they are ordinary citizens seeking to get their voice heard in a world that doesn’t see them. We delve into their inner and emotional worlds to explore what lies beneath this profound choice, one that challenges societal beliefs in karma, afterlife. The film intimately follows their daily life as they await official response. Framed within immediate spaces, inside their room and the vibrant community outside their door, with its non-stop motions of life makes them feel trapped. This ethnic microcosm, reveals universal themes of love, loss, freedom, dignity, ageing. An unexpected crisis brings the couple to a crucial crossroad. Will they succeed in their quest?

Director : Sumira Roy
Producer : Sumira Roy, Monisha Advani
Screenplay : Sumira Roy
DOP : Ishani Roy
Editor : Enis Sarachi

Sumira Roy

Sumira Roy
Sumira Roy is an award-winning Indie filmmaker, published poet, advertising professional, an entrepreneur and a lecturer. Experienced in different formats of storytelling, her passion is in documentaries that hold a mirror to our social constructs, have a philosophical inquiry and a visual language. Her ad films and short films have won several awards and accolades. Her debut feature film ‘Bhangaar’ in Marathi and English is ready for release.


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