Synopsis : The film is inspired by a rural folklore from central India, centred around a concept known as “Maya” or "the buried treasure." According to folklore, this treasure possesses its own consciousness and has the ability to select its rightful bearer. When the treasure is acquired by the person it is destined for, no trouble arises. However, if someone other than the chosen or destined individual claims the buried treasure, it brings forth bad omens. The film explores the lives of two cousins and the choices they make, highlighting the conflict between greed and need, as well as the themes of prophecy and destiny.

Director : Jitank Singh Gurjar
Producer : Filmkatha Studios
Screenplay : Jitank Singh Gurjar
DOP : Jitank Singh Gurjar
Editor : Jitank Singh Gurjar
Cast : Vivek Namdev, Raghavendra Bhadoria, Jyoti Atroliya

Jitank Singh Gurjar

Jitank is a theatre and film director, editor, cinematographer, scriptwriter and producer based in Mumbai. He started his career with theatre in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and went to Delhi in the hub of theatre where he directed many plays. ‘Basaan’ is his first feature film as a director and producer, a regional art cinema based on rural folklore.

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