1947: Brexit India

1947: Brexit India

Synopsis : The documentary examines how the British ruled India for 200 years with a minimal population, yet becoming the world’s superpower. Subsequently, Lord Mountbatten's abrupt decision to split India into two parts in 1947 led to catastrophic consequences, with one million deaths and 20 million displaced. In the film, experts from Britain, West Indies, Pakistan, and India discuss the influence of United States and Canada on Britain's decolonization and India's path to independence along with its emergence as a new global superpower.

Director : Sanjivan Lal
Producer : Eclectic Films, Dr. Swarnjit Singh
Screenplay : Shama Zaidi
DOP : Jogendra Panda, Deb Burman
Editor : Prashant Naik, Navnita Sen
Cast : Dr. Shashi Tharoor, William Dalrymple, Commodore U

Sanjivan Lal

Sanjivan Lal, an FTII, Pune alumnus specializing in Film Direction (1993), gained critical acclaim with his diploma film ‘The Second Page’ which was screened at Indian Panorama (1994). His debut film ‘Bubble Gum’ (2011) garnered rave reviews and the documentary ‘Is God Deaf’ was screened at multiple festivals, including IFFI (2004).


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