Synopsis : A classic case of serendipity is the crux of this film as it unfolds when a thief accidentally finds a bedridden old lady in an old mansion where he sneaks in to steal. A prolonged interaction ensues and he realizes that she is unable to speak and is left at the mercy of an irresponsible nurse. He then decides to carry out the burglary in installments over three months. An impossible journey of two unlikely individuals brought together by fate and an unavoidable emotional tangle forms the essence of this beautifully woven story. Firmly rooted in human emotions with outstanding performances, quality cinematography, impactful music and the symphony of situational comic.

Director : Sandeep Kumar V
Producer : TMT Productions
Screenplay : Deviprasad Rai
DOP : Mayur Shetty
Editor : Chaman Chakko
Cast : Prasanna Shetty, Jeeva, Nireeksha Shetty

Sandeep Kumar V

Sandeep Kumar is a film director, storyteller and a visual creator primarily in the Kannada film industry. His debut movie was ‘Nandanavanadol’ (2019) followed by ‘Aaraariraaro’ (2023). He has also directed a couple of short movies.


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