As Mr. Shinde wakes up to his daily routine, filled with sorrows and disappointments, he finds something that instantly lights up his day. He feels excited as a sense of happiness washes over him. He is ready to forgive the world and move on. But, will the masses let him live peacefully or will they try and spread negativity in Shinde’s newfound positive vibes? How will Shinde react to all the happenings? White Shirt is a journey that will teach us to be our encouraging selves, no matter the circumstances, as the world will devise ways to find positives in negatives and negatives within the positives.

Cast And Credits

Director : Vardhan Kamat
Producer : Vardhan Kamat
Screenplay : Abhijit Sawant, Vardhan Kamat
DOP : Dev Naik
Editor : Gopal Bhimber
Cast : Sushant Nayakv, Sushant Nayak, Mark Fernandes, Lalan Desai, Shantaram Prabhu, Mayur Surlakar, Abhishek Pant, Abhijit Sawant, Sangramsinh Gaikwad, Meghana A. Khanvilkar, Avaneesh Amit Khanvilkar, Rudra Vishwavijay Singh, Vidur Vishwavijay Singh, Aryan Mayur Surlakar