Synopsis : A story of finding a place to root yourself when life's obstacles have dispirited you. Changsu, a former equestrian athlete for the South Korean national team, was forced to give up on his dream early. He finds himself working at a quarry in the rural town of Maniwa in western Japan, where he lives with Minami and her infant daughter. Yamabuki, a teenage girl, begins to stage silent protests that blossom into community action, much to the dismay of her policeman father. The quiet surface of this rural town is gradually peeled off to reveal frustration and loneliness that, once given a voice, begin to connect people.

Festival History : Guanajuato International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam

Director : Yamasaki Juichiro
Producer : Osanaï Terutarô, Akamatsu Shoko, Watanabe Atsuto, Masago Takeshi, Yamasaki Juichiro
Screenplay : Yamasaki Juichiro
DOP : Tawara Kenta
Editor : Yann Dedet,Minori Akimoto (Consultant)
Cast : Kang Yoon-Soo, Inori Kilala, Kawase Yohta, Wada Misa, Miura Masaki, Kurozumi Hisao, Matsuura Yuya, Aoki Munetaka

Yamasaki Juichiro

Yamasaki Juichiro (b. 1978, Osaka) had
organised a student film festival while still in
university; made a couple of short films and
worked as an assistant director, before moving
to a small mountain village in Okayama. ‘The
Sound of Light’ (2011) was his debut feature


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