Synopsis : At the beginning of the inevitable war between the Yakuza to protect and the Koryo mafia to take away, police launch a massive investigation after women were sacrificed by serial killers. Then one day, Yakuza Boss's daughter was kidnapped, and the incident went out of contro

Director : Jeon Kyu-hwan
Producer : Choi Mi-ae
DOP : Kim Bo-hyun, Jeon Gyu-hwan
Editor : JEON Kyuhwan

Jeon Kyu-hwan

Jeon Kyu-hwan is a South Korean filmmaker
and screenwriter. His film, ‘The Weight’
besides being the first Korean film to win the
2012 Queer Lion at the 69th Venice
International Film Festival, also won several
awards at other film festivals, including Best
Director at the16th Tallinn Black Nights Film

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