Synopsis : Brother and sister Davie and Diana return to the country of their birth, Argentina, for the first time in their adult lives. They are mesmerized by a nocturnal world of tango clubs. Diana tells Davie one of her reasons for planning their trip - she thinks Davie is adopted and wants to find out for sure. Powerful questions about his identity that arise for Davie send him on a bender that destroys a burgeoning relationship with tango dancer, Josefina. Returning to Toronto, Davie confront his parents. In Buenos Aires, they learns the identity of his mother - a unionist killed by the dictatorship. The parents who brought Davie and Diana up are preparing to leave the country but are intercepted.

Director : Alison Murray
Producer : Felicitas Raffo, Pamela Livia, Alison Murray
DOP : Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Editor : Lev Lewis
Cast : Raphael Grosz-Harvey, Cristina Rosato, Eleonora Wexler, Cristina Banegas, Gerardo Romano, Juan Malizia

Alison Murray

Alison Murray is a writer/director based between Canada and Buenos Aires. Born in Nova Scotia, raised in England, Murray made her first documentary in 2000 with ‘Train on the Brain’ in which she rode the rails across North America with a group of teenage hobos. Murray tells stories about identity, championing the disenfranchised, and love.


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