A Far Shore / Tooi Tokoro

Synopsis : Aoi has dropped out from high school and gives birth to a baby son with Masaya. They are born and live in Okinawa, a Southern island of Japan. To make ends meet, she starts working as a night-club hostess as Masaya loses his job and cannot deal with the family’s responsibilities. Their immaturity and dependence aggravate the relationship with continuous fights leading to a social downfall. Aoi’s bond for her son sets her on a path to find solutions.

Festival History : The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival

Director : Masaaki Kudô
Producer : Yuki KITAGAWA
Editor : Masaaki Kudô Chen Shih Ting
Cast : Kotone HANASE (Aoi) Yumemi ISHIDA (Mio) Yoshiro SAKUMA (Masaya) Tsuki HASEGAWA (Kengo)

Masaaki Kudo

Masaaki Kudo (b. 1983, Kyoto, Japan). He has assisted several well-known Japanese filmmakers such as Yoshimitsu Morita and Yojiro Takita. His debut ‘I’m Crazy’ received the NETPAC Award at Bucheon, in 2018. Then ‘Unprecedented’ premiered at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in 2021 and ‘A Far Shore’ is his third feature.


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