Synopsis : Making a war is a storyteller’s job. A good story is crucial to legitimise use of military force. That’s why militaries need promotion and Israel is a model country in promoting its military ventures. But before pitching our story to the world, we need to pitch it to our children. ‘Innocence’ tells the story of children who resisted to be enlisted but capitulated. Their stories were never told as they died during service. Through a narration based on their haunting diaries, the film depicts their inner turmoil.

Festival History : Venice International Film Festival

Director : Guy Davidi
Producer : Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, Hilla Medalia
Screenplay : Guy Davidi
DOP : Avner Shahaf, Guy Davidi
Editor : Guy Davidi

Guy Davidi

Guy Davidi (b. 1978 Jaffa, Israel). Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award Winner Israeli filmmaker Davidi has been directing, shooting, and editing films since 16. His documentaries have screened in several international film festivals. His film ‘5 Broken Cameras’ (2012) was directed with Palestinian Emad Burnat. The film won the 2013 International Emmy Award for Best Documentary.


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