The steppe of Patagonia is swept by a gray wind. Mora, a thirteen-year-old, wants to be a ‘gaucho’. She rebels against school and stands up to her parents, both Swiss Italian ecologists, whose dream of independence turns into a nightmare. Mora will go deep into the meanders of the steppe to help her only friend Nazareno, an old Mapuche who has lost his horse, Zahorí.

Festival History

Locarno International Film Festival 2021

Cast And Credits

Director : Marí Alessandrini
Producer : Nadejda Magnenat
Screenplay : Marí Alessandrini
DOP : Joakim Chardonnens
Editor : Myriam Rachmuth, Marí Alessandrini
Cast : Lara Tortosa, Santos Curapil, Cirilo Wesley, Sabine Timoteo


Marí Alessandrini

Marí Alessandrini grew up in Patagonia. She began her artistic career as a photographer and circus performer before moving to Europe to study film. For her first feature film, Zahorí, she was selected for the Cannes Film Festival Residence, and received
the Pardo 2020 Films After Tomorrow Award.