A small clan lives in the underworld of a rubbish dump. They recycle the waste they find or steal, in order to cobble their home together. Life there could be so sweet, were it not for a chief inspector hot on their heels.

Cast And Credits

Director : Pascal Rabaté
Producer : Xavier DELMAS
Screenplay : Pascal Rabaté
DOP : Noé Bach
Editor : Aurélien Manya
Cast : Yolande Moreau, Gustave Kervern, François Morel, David Salles, Vincent Martin, Charles Schneider


Pascal Rabaté

Born in 1961, in Angers, France. Graduated in engraving from art school in Angers, where he still lives. He is the author of several comic books, one of which became the basis for his first film, Les petits ruisseaux, an exceptional success with French critics and viewers alike. For his next film, Holidays by the Sea, he also used another of his comics as its starting point. In another professional venture, Rabaté took up acting duties in the 2008 film Louise-Michel. (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)