Fez Summer '55 / 55

Synopsis : Summer 1955. Kamal, an 11 year old boy of the Medina of Fez, is experiencing the last months before Morocco's independence. In contact to Aïcha and her fellow students of the Qaraouiyine university, he discovers and takes part in the fight for freedom.

Festival History : Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival(PÖFF), 2024

Director : Abdelhaï Laraki
Producer : Caroline Locardi
Screenplay : Abdelhai Laraki
DOP : Ayoub Lamrani
Editor : Walid Ayoub
Cast : Oumaïma Barid, Ayman Driwi, Mohamed Atef , Mounia Lamkimel, Majida Benkirane, Mohamed Naïman, Nabil Atif, Tarik Bakhari, Lalla Hachoum and Chaïbia Adraoui

Abdelhai Laraki

Abdelhaï Laraki is known for tackling sensitive themes in works that have been hailed by critics and acclaimed by audiences. He belongs to the new wave of Moroccan filmmakers of the 1990s. His cinema deals with political repression (Mona Saber, 2002), the power of money (Parfum De Mer, 2006) or sexual frustration (Love In The Medina, 2011). At the core of Love… is the debate on ‘Art Propre/Art sale’ that raged during the Arab Spring. The common thread running through his films is a reflection on human's relationship with history, power and religion.


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