Hoffman's Fairy Tales / Skazki Gofmana

Hoffman's Fairy Tales

Synopsis : Set in the early 2000s, as the Soviet era fades into a Westernised parody, the film follows Nadezhda, a timid woman trapped in a marriage with Vitaly, exploiting her for an apartment. Nadezhda, working two jobs, transforms when a coat's owner recognizes her beautiful, expressive hands. She emerges as a sought-after hand model, reshaping her life dramatically.

Director : Tina Barkalaya
Producer : Katia Filippova
DOP : Konstantin Esadze
Editor : Natalia Kucherenko
Cast : Ekaterina Vilkova, Maksim Stoyanov, Aleksey Guskov

Tina Barkalaya

Tina Barkalaya is a Russian director of Georgian origin. Her first short films ‘Rubato’ and ‘Rules of Usage of Amusement Rides’ won many international awards and toured the world. The Grand Prix for ‘Rules of Usage of Amusement Rides’ was awarded at the Artfilm festival in Slovakia. She has directed more than 300 commercials and music videos, many of which became iconic and were awarded prestigious prizes such as Cannes Lion, European Epic, Golden Lamb and Kinotavr FF award. ‘Hoffmann’s Fairy Tales’ is her feature film debut.


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