The story is based on the lives of two women. Ratna, a maid and Fridia, the owner of the house. It's takes place inside a compact house. Fridia is suffering from a mental illness called schizophrenia, of which Ratna is unaware. As the film proceeds Fridia starts behaving weird towards Ratna. She starts gets illusions, talks by herself, thinks Ratna might kill her. Ratna is scared and clueless about this weird behavior of Fridia. Gradually, it goes to an extent where Fridia's friend Anu comes to Ratna's rescue. Anu explains about the illness to Ratna. But the story takes a twist in the end where Ratna is shown suffering from schizophrenia.

Cast And Credits

Director : Aditya Verma, Sairaj Naik
Producer : Maskhara Studios, Alden Menezes
Screenplay : Alden Menezes
DOP : Aditya Patil
Editor : Nehal Chari
Cast : Prerna Palekar, Alisha Menezes, Yeesha Neswankar, Aditya Verma