Niyati is depressed and tangled like the knots in a rope. The watered plant is refusing to live up in her life. A therapist comes along to try and light up her path. Can it make a difference in Niyati’s life?How will the protagonist be able to give Niyati her life back? How far will the therapist go and what tools would she use to right the wrongs? Will there be a twist to the tale? What dark secrets are lurking behind the curtains waiting to be uncovered? Wind chimes deals with a delicate subjecton the ways in which each one of us copes with our issues, while trying to present a contended face to the world.

Cast And Credits

Director : Vardhan Vijaykumar Kamat
Producer : Verona Anthony Borges
Screenplay : Vardhan Vijaykumar Kamat
DOP : Vardhan Vijaykumar Kamat
Editor : Sangramsinh Gaikwad
Cast : Madhuri Shetkar, Dr. SanskritiRaikar, Chatura Raikar, Anuja Purohit, Shantaram Prabhu, Deepa Moghe, Dilip Naik, Sushant Naik, Akshay Naik, Sumitra Phadte, Vivaan Phadte, Vivaan Phadte, Abhijeet Kumar, Aditya, Saanvi Satarkar, Shounik Satarkar