The Ordinaries

The Ordinaries

Synopsis : At the moment Paula is only an ordinary supporting role, but she’s got her final exams coming up at the school for main characters. However, her emotive music generator suddenly starts playing up, which is a huge setback for her. No starring role can survive without the accompaniment of a rousing string section and haunting melodies on the piano. No-one has any idea what the problem is, so the girl has to try and find a solution for herself. She sets off on a road that takes her not only into her family’s past, but also into a world on the fringes, a world of outtakes and illicit dealers in sound effects…

Festival History : Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Director : Sophie Linnenbaum
Producer : Laura Klippel, Britta Strampe
Screenplay : Sophie Linnenbaum, Michael Fetter Nathansky
DOP : Valentin Selmke
Editor : Kai Eiermann
Cast : Fine Sendel, Jule Böwe, Henning Peker

Sophie Linnenbaum

Sophie Linnenbaum was born in 1986 in Nuremberg. She studied psychology and worked as a playwright before beginning her film studies at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. In her cinematic works, her greatest interests come together. Her poignant (short) films such as PIX (German Short Film Award 2017), DAS MENSCH (2019) or VÄTER UNSER (2021) have won numerous awards and screened at numerous national and international festivals. Sophie is also known for Out of Frame (2016), and Our Fathers (2021).

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