Saturn Bowling

Saturn Bowling

Synopsis : When their father dies, the ambitious police officer Guillaume offers the management of the bowling alley he inherited to his outcast half-brother Armand. The inheritance is cursed, and the two men wind up in a world of violence.

Festival History : Locarno International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival

Director : Patricia Mazuy
Producer : Patrick Sobelman
Screenplay : Yves Thomas, Patricia Mazuy
DOP : Simon Beaufils
Editor : Mathilde Muyard
Cast : Arieh Worthalter, Achille Reggiani, Y-Lan Lucas, Leïla Muse

Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy (b. 1960) went to business school to make her baker father happy. She quit to go to LA, where she made a short. Thanks to Sabine Mamou, who hired her for ‘A Room in Town’, she finally learned. After an editing stint, she worked on her debut film, ‘Thick Skinned’.


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