Love Dog

Love Dog

Synopsis : After finishing a job on a Texas oil rig, John returns to his home town in Mississippi - where he will confront not only his own repressed trauma, but that of a society grieving dying American myths.

Festival History : World Premiere Locarno Film Festival 2022, Sarajevo Film Festival 2022

Director : Bianca Lucas
Producer : Bianca Lucas & Joaquín del Paso
DOP : Józefina Gocman-Dicks
Editor : Omar Guzmán & Greg Karpinski
Cast : John Dicks, TJ Tarver, Becca Begnaud, Corinne Bordelon, Brooke Keel Bullock, Ernie Schaeffer

Bianca Lucas

Bianca Lucas was born in 1989 in Switzerland. She graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2010 with a degree in Media and Communications with a specialisation in Film Studies. Her short films have been screened at Rotterdam, and New Horizons International Film Festival. ‘Love Dog’ is her debut feature film.


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