In Broad Daylight / Au Grand Jour

Synopsis : "Bébé is born into a dying world. He opens his eyes in a family whose own eyes are closed. He cries out in a house where people stay shushed and sequestered. Bébé brings chaos. He is not loved. Before she suffocates in this noxious atmosphere, young mother Hélène breaks away from the shredding family fabric, abandoning her parents, brother and child, all of whom smoulder slowly in their respective silos. She leaves behind the gloomy indoor swimming pool to embrace the immensity of the river, searching for her child’s father, a builder of better worlds. A one-nightstand narrated in reverse, masterfully twisted, the better to bring out the blind spots . . . in broad daylight. "

Festival History : Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Director : Emmanuel Tardif
Producer : "Emmanuel Tardif, Léa Roy "
DOP : François Herquel
Editor : Antoine Foley-Dupont
Cast : Amaryllis Tremblay, David Savard, Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Elijah Patrice, Marianne Fortier, Jean-Simon Leduc


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