Havana / Pokro


Synopsis : Jung-min, a rookie lawyer, becomes Yoon-ah’s public attorney, as she is accused of murdering her husband. Against a nasty prosecutor, a mysterious judge, and all the suspicions surrounding the defendant, Jung-min seeks to unravel the truth behind the conspiracies of the case. With a shocking new disclosure at the last trial, Yoon-ah is released, and Jung-min believes that all has been finally revealed—but the truth is hidden someplace he dare not know.

Festival History : Jeonju International Film Festival

Director : Hong Yongho
Producer : Lee Sanghyun
Screenplay : Hong Yongho
DOP : Hwang Kyunghyun
Editor : Kim Hyunbeom
Cast : Yoo Da-in, Kang Minhyuk, Gong Sang-a

Hong Yongho

Yongho Hong has attended Korea National University of Arts (2015~2022). He has directed short films like ‘For a Better Life’ (2016), ‘The Verdict’ (2018), and ‘CVS Dance’ (2019). He adapted two feature films ‘Heart Blackened’ (2017) and ‘Innocent Witness’ (2019).


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