Burning Days / Kurak Günler

Synopsis : Emre, a young and dedicated prosecutor, is newly appointed to a small town hit by a water crisis and political scandals. After an initial welcome, he experiences an increasing number of tense interactions and is reluctantly dragged into local politics. When Emre forms a bond with the owner of the local newspaper pressure escalates under heated rumours.

Festival History : Cannes Film Festival - 2022

Director : Emin Alper
Producer : Nadir Öperli, Kerem Çatay
DOP : Christos Karamanis (GSC)
Editor : Özcan Vardar (KUDA-BFS), Eytan İpeker(KUDA)
Cast : Selahattin Paşali, Ekin Koç, Erol Babaoğlu, Erdem Şenocak, Seli̇n Yeninci, Si̇nan Demirer

Emin Alper

Emin Alper (b. 1974, Karaman) is a PhD in Turkish Modern History. His debut Beyond the Hill (2012), won numerous awards including the Caligari Film Prize at Berlinale Forum and Best Film at Asia Pacific Awards. His second feature Frenzy (2015) premiered at Venice while his third A Tale of Three Sisters (2019) in Berlinale.


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