Synopsis : Blaze, a young teenager, is the sole witness to a woman being violently attacked, Left catatonic with shock, she struggles to make sense of what she saw. She retreats into imaginary worlds, where the shimmering magic dragon who has been her companion since childhood, allows her to activate her own rage and ultimately find renewal. And while her childhood is shattered forever, she is finally able to walk into the future unafraid. A unique hybrid of VFX, live action, puppetry and animation, Blaze is an ode to female courage and a celebration of the power of the imagination.

Festival History : Sydney Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival

Director : Del Kathryn Barton
Producer : Samantha Jennings
DOP : Jeremy Rouse
Editor : Dany Cooper
Cast : Julia Savage, Simon Baker, Yael Stone, Josh Lawson, Sofia Hampson

Del Kathryn Barton

Del Kathryn Barton (b. 1972, Sydney) is an Australian artist and two-time winner of the Archibald Prize. Her work is held in major public collections including: the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney and the Queensland Art Gallery among others. Barton’s directorial debut The Nightingale and the Rose, premiered at Berlinale in 2015.

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