Synopsis : A young man working as a housekeeper in an empty mansion. When its owner returns to start his mayoral election campaign, the young man bonds with him and defends him when his campaign is vandalized, setting off a chain of violence.

Festival History : TIFF, Venice International Film Festival ,BFI London Film Festival ,2022 Busan International Film Festival, Adelaide Film Festival

Director : Makbul Mubarak
Producer : Yulia Evina Bhara
Screenplay : Makbul Mubarak
DOP : Wojciech Staroń PSC
Editor : Carlo Francisco Manatad
Cast : Kevin Ardilova, Arswendy Bening Swara, Yusuf Mahardika, Lukman Sardi, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Rukman Rosadi & Haru Sandra

Ciaran Creagh

Ciaran Creagh is a screenwriter, director & producer whose credits include ‘Ann’; ‘In View’ which won Best Screenplay at the Rhode Island IFF. Creagh also wrote Parked, starring Colm Meaney which won the Best First Feature at the Galway Film Festival and Best screenplay at the 2012 Foggia Film Festival.


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