Brojendragee Luhongba

Brojendragee Luhongba

Synopsis : Brojendra, a doctor, agrees to marry a girl of his mother's choice but refuses to look her, even after marriage. Later, at a musical performance, he chances upon a beautiful girl and exchanges meaningful glances with her. He returns home guilt-ridden but is surprised to see the same girl at his house, who turns out to be none other than his wife.

Director : S.N. Chand Sajati
Producer : S.N. Chand Sajati
Screenplay : S.N. Chand Sajati
DOP : Anil Gupta
Editor : Rasbihari Sinha
Cast : SN Chand Sajati, Y Romola Devi, Uma Hijam, L. Netrajeet Singh, Ibemhal Devi,O Biramangal Singh, Sapam Nupimacha, Sobita devi, Rajani

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This film screens as part of the program The Silent Poet / Brojendrogee Luhongba
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