Fairytale / Skazka

Synopsis : Once upon a time there were two vagabonds... no... three... no, it’s four... But there were others, many different ones... I knew them. For a long time. But with them I felt cramped. Then something happened and they disappeared. At night I could hear voices, fragments of complex questions, moans, the howl of millions of voices... An inexplicable excitement seized me…

Festival History : Locarno International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival

Director : Alexander Sokurov
Producer : Nikolay Yankin
Screenplay : Alexander Sokurov
Editor : Alexander Sokurov
Cast : Alexander Sagabashi, Vakhtang Kuchava, Fabio Mastrangelo, Lothar Deeg, Tim Ettelt, Pascal Slivansky

Alexander Sokurov

Alexander Sokurov (b. 1951) is a director, screenwriter, cameraman. He has degrees in History and Cinematography. His debut ‘The Lonely Voice of a Man’ (1987) won the Bronze Leopard in Locarno. Sokurov’s filmography contains more than 50 works and he is known for Father and Son (2003), The Russian Ark (2002) & Taurus (2000) among others.

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