Synopsis : On a hot summer day, Paloma decides to fulfil her most cherished dream: a traditional wedding in a church with her boyfriend Zé. She is a devoted mother, a hard-working farmhand in a papaya plantation and has been saving to afford the celebration. The priest’s refusal to marry her and Zé will force Paloma to confront the rural society. She suffers violence, betrayal, prejudice and injustice but nothing shakes the faith and determination of this transgender woman.

Festival History : Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival

Director : Marcelo Gomes
Producer : João Vieira Jr., Nara Aragão
Screenplay : Marcelo Gomes, Armando Praça, Gustavo Campos
DOP : Pierre de Kerchove
Editor : Rita M. Pestana
Cast : Kika Sena, Ridson Reis, Anita de Souza Macedo, Clebia Souza, Suzy Lopes, Ana Marinho

Marcelo Gomes

Marcelo Gomes (b. Recife, Brazil), is an award-winning filmmaker. His debut ‘Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures’, was at Cannes (Un Certain Regard) in 2005. His feature ‘I travel because I have to, I come back because I love you’ (2009) premiered at Venice and his historical biopic ‘Joaquim’ was in Berlinale Competition.


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