Three young girls stick together as they get trapped in a sea cave with crashing waves, hundreds of sea lions, and giant elephant seals. Shot on location in the sea caves of Baja Mexico, this is one of the most jaw dropping tension filled movies. The three young actresses performed their own stunts, swimming through underwater caves, battling seals, and falling from death defying heights. And one of them is only four years old.

Festival History

CineMagic Film Festival, Moscow International Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival

Cast And Credits

Director : Ann Marie
Producer : Brian Schmidt
Screenplay : Schmidt Family
DOP : Heatha Mcgrath
Editor : Brian Schmidt
Cast : Avila, Autumn, Scarlet, Riley


Ann Marie

Ann-Marie and Brian Schmidt are parents of six rambunctious kids. They work to create bold adventure films that will never be repeated. Working with their children, they created their latest film shooting on location in wild sea caves off the coast of Mexico, often dodging sea lions and giant elephant seals.