Self Defense / Legitima Defensa

Synopsis : Eduardo, a prosecutor with unresolved past issues, decides to return to his hometown to investigate a series of murders. He is welcomed by some old friends, and the town’s Commissioner. As the investigation develops, it leads to the unveiling of a corrupt ecosystem based on agrochemicals abuse at the expense of the locals - who live in very poor conditions. Driven by these findings, Eduardo will try to overcome trauma. He’s not alone, though: there are stories of shattered lives everywhere he looks.

Director : Andrea Braga
Producer : Andrea Braga
Screenplay : Andrea Braga
DOP : Guillermo ‘Gurí’ Saposnik
Editor : Mauricio Halek
Cast : Alfonso Tort, Javier Drolas, Violeta Urtizberea

Andrea Braga

Andrea Braga (b. 1986, Italy) is a producer, director and screenwriter. He has a degree in Cinematography from Escuela Profesional de Cine de Eliseo Subiela (Buenos Aires). His career as a director and screenwriter started with the fictional shorts ‘Evelyn’ (2015) and ‘Memoria Interna’ (2017). ‘Self-Defense’ is his debut feature.


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